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2000 – TECHNOWILL opens as an engineering department. Our main focus is to design and develop connectors and instrumentations tools. Our competences cover mechanical design with expertise in metals and plastics, electrical contacts.

2005 – TECHNOWILL joins the NOVARC group.

2008 – TECHNOWILL launches a range of electrical accessories dedicated to temporary systems and solutions to shunt or re-supply low voltage electrical networks. Our customers include utilities maintenance and energy teams.

2009 – TECHNOWILL acquire new competences in electrical networks by developing electrical testers.

2014 – TECHNOWILL begins to develop an additional range: cable protectors.

2016 – TECHNOWILL add to his range a fast bayonet connector system. Compliant with existing market standards

What sort of accessories do we manufacture?

  • Screw type connectors : M8 (200A), M12 (400A) and M16 (600/800A) connectors
  • Bayonet connectors and sockets (500A and 800A)
  • Shunt with cables from 35mm² to 240mm²
  • Manual reels and motorized reels
  • Power box (switch box, derivating box)
  • Cable Protectors
  • Clips, Prick-wire and Adapters for aerial and underground electrical network.
  • Our Areas of Operation

Working alongside our Worldwide Partners in the temporary powering marketplace, the TECHNOWILL business is active within the following sectors.

  • Telecommunications
  • Military
  • Energy
  • Generating sets manufacturer and renters
  • Mining and quarry sectors


Our main focus is the satisfaction of our customers.
We know that continuity of electrical supply is more important than ever for you.

We have developed the largest range available on the market in our field.
We have all solutions for your temporary electrical derivation or power generation.

We understand your needs and are able to customize our products to suit your application thanks to our R&D team.
We react quickly to your requirement and we perfectly know to accompany you in your strategic projects.

Be sure that TECHNOWILL is the Partner you need for your temporary power solution !